Services of Restructuring Area

  • Our department provides services in the following areas:

> Assistance in bankruptcy proceedings.
> Assistance in the restructuring of the Comapany and viability plans.
> Drafting of the letter addressed to the bankruptcy administration communicating the claim against the insolvent.
> Advice on the rights that assist creditors for the invoiced VAT refund request.
> Attendance in the judicial process as a creditor with the sole purpose of having knowledge of how many resolutions are issued in the Common Phase.
> Insolvency incidents against inventory and / or list of creditors in defense of customer credit.
> Claims and monitoring in the Agreement Phase.
> Claims and monitoring in Liquidation Phase.
> Claims and attendance on qualification piece in order to try to get the qualification of guilty exam.
> Demands of individual responsibility of Company directors.
> Demands of responsibility to the insolvency administrator and the insurance companies.
> Incidents in credit payment claim against the estate.
> Reintegration actions.

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