Services of Family Law and Successions Area

  • Our department provides services in the following area:

Marriage, Unmarried couples and minors:

> Consensual or judicial separations and divorces.
> Consensual or judicial dissolution of the couple.
> Regulatory agreements.
> Changes in custody and parental responsibility, contact regimes, maintenance payments for the children, compensatory benefits or economic compensation, use of the conjugal domicile, etc.
> Maintenance payments.
> Request for payment of economic performance.
> Adoption proceedings.
> Disputes on parental authority.
> Paternity proceedings.

Canon Law / Ecclesiastical nullity:

> Canonical nullity practices.

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> Declaration of incapacity.
> Constitutions of Protection, Inventory and statement of accounts.
> Judicial authorization for the judicial sale of goods of minor / incapable.
> Extension of the parental authority in case of incapacity of the child.


> Wills and changes.
> Declarations of intestate heirs, notaries and court.
> Acceptance, waiver, participation and liquidation of hereditary rights.
> Management of heritage.
> Court proceedings in case of conflicts between heirs.