Best Lawyers Nominates Thirteen Lawyers from Practice in sixteen legal specialties

Best Lawyers, a publishing company specialising in the evaluation of professionals in the legal sector, has published its guide for Spain 2024. In this guide, 13 lawyers from Escura have been nominated.

The nominated lawyers have received 16 awards in the following specialties: Corporate Governance and Compliance, Data Protection, Tax, Corporate Law and Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate Law, Banking and Finance Law, Litigation and Family Law).

Escura’s managing partner, Fernando Escura, has been recognized in the areas of Corporate Law and Mergers, Real Estate Law and Taxation. Berta Molina and Alba Martínez have entered the Best Lawyers ranking, both lawyers nominated in the area of Litigation.

In the field of commercial law, Best Lawyers has distinguished a total of six lawyers, Ana Escura, Antonio Escura, María José Esteban, Enzo Colarossi, Berta Prieto and Fernando Escura.

The list of Escura lawyers, nominees and their areas of expertise are:

Barcelona, ES

Josep Maria Barcelona Pedret (2014) [10]

Privacy & Data Protection Law

Edgar Bravo Rodríguez (2020) [5]

Corporate Governance and Compliance Practice

Enzo Colarossi (2014) [10]

Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Elena Escura Esteban (2020) [5]

Tax Law

Ana Escura Sancho (2010) [15]

Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Antonio Escura Serés (2012) [10]

Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Fernando Escura Serés (2010) [15]

Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Real Estate Law

Tax Law

Mª José Esteban Ferrer (2010) [15]

Banking and Finance Law

Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Sonia Frouchtman Lang (2023)

Family Law

Berta Molina Lorenzo (*)


Alba Martínez Luján (*)


Berta Prieto Higelmo (2020) [5]

Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Alberto Xicoy Almirall (2019) [5]

Privacy & Data Protection Law

(Year) First year the lawyer was listed in the published practice area.

(*) Lawyers who are listed for the first time in Best Lawyers.

[#] Milestone of years recognized by Best Lawyers.

This distinction is in addition to Escura’s recognitions by other reference guides in the sector such as IFLR or Legal 500, among others.

Escura is a multidisciplinary law firm made up of lawyers, economists and social graduates. Its mission is based on customer-based service coupled with high ethical and quality standards. The long tradition of service has made them the law firm of reference for multiple business associations.

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