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Bufete Escura in the Ranking of Expansion Offices

Bufete Escura has been again included in the Ranking of Law Firms performed annually by Expansion, and it positioned at Bufete Escura among the leaders of the Spanish legal profession of 2017. Bufete Escura has been featured among the main offices in Spain during the year 2017 in: Main national offices by global business volume Evolution of workers in Spain during 2017 Billing by a professional Bufete Escura is one of the [...]

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Bufete Escura participates in the Internationalization Week in Barcelona

From 14th to 18th May, the Internationalization Week of the Agency for the Competitiveness of Companies (ACCIÓ) of the Generalitat de Catalunya took place in Barcelona, in which Bufete Escura has participated as an Internationalization Support Agent (ASI). During the week, Albert Sant and Andrea Piscedda, from the International Department of Bufete Escura, had the opportunity to personally meet with the director of the offices of ACCIÓ in Italy, Mr. Luis Polo; [...]

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Escura participates in the VIII International Conference on Corporate Compliance

Recently, the VIII International Conference on Corporate Compliance was held in Madrid,on April 25th and 26th, in which Escura participated, among other professionals. Fernando Escura, partner-director of the Firm, and Xavier Ferretjans, from Binaura Monlex, gave a presentation on the "Keys to the new General Data Protection Regulation”. The conference was dealt with different technical and legal issues, as well as other practical aspects, such as risk analysis and security measures. The [...]

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Escura host in the TAGAlliances International Conference in Barcelona

Watch the video here More than 200 professionals from the TAG Alliances network visit Barcelona for the International Spring Conference, which took place from May 2nd to 4th. TAG Alliances is one of the most important global networks of lawyers and accountants, which is being highlighted in the rankings of Chambers&Partners 2018. Among the different themes handles on the Conference it is important to highlight the celebration of the Forum on Women [...]

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The remuneration of CEOs and Executives of unlisted companies under the Judgment of the Spanish High Court on the February 16th, 2018.

The High Court maintains that the solution proposed by the majority doctrine and the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries (DGRN) leads to a result of absolute lack of transparency, since the most important remunerations, such as those of the Chief Executive Officer, come from the knowledge of the partners and the decision-making power of the General Meeting, to be attributed to the Board of Directors. In this judgment the High Court [...]

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New classification of countries in terms of financial transparency

Regularly, several international organizations evaluate the degree of fiscal transparency of various States in order to classify them in order to assess the convenience of investing in each State. These organizations include the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), which is an international intergovernmental organization created in 1989 to promote a regulatory framework for the prevention of money laundering, as well as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In [...]

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Bufete Escura participates in the Bilennial IBA Latin American Regional Forum Conference in Mexico

María José Esteban and Fernando Escura, partners of Bufete Escura, participate in the Biennial Congress of the International Bar Association (IBA) in Mexico, held from March 14th to 16th. The main theme of the Congress was the role of lawyers, especially in Latin America. Among the conferences, it is worth highlighting the one made by Maria José Esteban on the future of the legal profession and legal services. In this session also [...]

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Spanish Golden Visa

In 2013, Spain introduces the Law 14/2013, of September 27th, on support for entrepreneurs. This law enables non-European nationals to obtain qualified residency permits in return for investing in Spain, becoming this authorization popularly known as the Spanish Golden Visa. Bufete Escura has a specialised professional team which provides advice on real estate and investment matters and on the whole processing of Golden Visa. Due that Bufete Escura has received many inquiries [...]

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The International Obligation to Have a Compliance Program

The liability of legal entity for offences committed in their organizational context and for their benefit is a reality in a growing number of countries. In fact, most European states have internal regulations in this area that adapt the various existing EU Directives. However, the domestic law of each State means that there are some variations from one legal system to another. For example, in certain countries (for example, in Portugal) there [...]

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