Services of Pharmacies Department

  • Our department provides services in the following area:

Accounting and tax advice:

> Accounting for the accounting data.
> Monthly processing of accounting data and sending of the appropriate information.
> Financial year-end, list of accounting books and presentation in the Mercantile Registry.
> Calculation and formalization through formal models of Company taxes and tax obligations.
> Advice on accounting and tax online.

Human Resources:

> Drafting of monthly payrolls and Social Insurances of the activity.
> Calculation and formalization of withholding personal income tax wage and professional staff, and annual summary. Advice on issues related to the preceding paragraphs.
> Labour Law.

Data Protection:

> Registration of files in the Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
> Drafting of the Security Document.
> Data porcessors contracts (art. 12 LOPD).
> Video surveillance.
> Website analysis and adaptation.

Pharmaceutical consulting:

> Business consultancy: commercial banks, tax margins, wholesalers margins, personal / billing relationship, corporate marketing, etc.
> Consultancy on resource optimization and cost savings.

Legal advice:

> Opening of new pharmacies.
> Transfers from the pharmacy: voluntary, forced and temporary.
> Change of the local.
> Application for the practice of diligence for a new opening, for a removal or a modification of the local.
> Opening hours.
> Transfers of pharmacy for consideration (purchase) and gratuitously (donation, hereditary succession).
> Services that pharmacy can provide.
> Arguments in opposition to the opening of formal proceedings.
> Application of theright to continue the pharmacy activity because of studies of spouse or descendants.
> Opening / Opposition to opening of medication storage dependents of a pharmacy.
> Administrative resources.
> Litigation before the courts.
> Authorization for opening a warehouse distributor of medications.
> Reports on pharmaceutical law regulations.