Services of Transfer Pricing Area

Companies that meet certain requirements must document the commercial operations they carry out among companies that are part of the same group. This justification of the so-called Transfer Price, requires highly specialized professionals, since the justification of the prices should not be done through a free methodology, but through procedures recognized by the Tax Agency.

The tax inspection makes constant checks of the prices applied between related companies, as this is a very important issue as a result of the internalization of the economy. Our Transfer Pricing Department is dedicated exclusively to this topic and has a special knowledge of the BEPS Project (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting).

  • Our Department provides services in the following areas:

> Identification of related party transactions.
> Advice on compliance with the legal obbligations for assessment and documentation.
> Preparation of the required documentation, Local File and Master File.
> Support in the implementation of appropriate valuation methods and correct grounds of prices.
> Planning and assistance in inspection pocedures or advance pricing agreements.
> Management and legal defense both administrative and judicial process.

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